Holiday Programmes

Public Speaking Workshop with Power Point Slides Presentation Skills – Primary Level

Date: 19th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd Dec 16
Duration: 2 hrs per session Fees: $240

Level: P4 – P6
Timing: 10am to 12pm

Level: P1 – P3
Timing: 1pm to 3pm

Proposed 4 Day Workshop Objectives:

  1.   Why Communicate?
  2.   Learn how to Start and End your       speeches with a bang!
  3.   Plan your speeches the right way
  4.   Develop your voice
  5.   Understand Body Language
  6.   Work with Visual Aids and Props
  7.   Handle Impromptu Speeches
  8.   Present with Power Point Slides

After this 4 day workshop,

participants will be able to:

  1.   Craft their own speeches
  2.   Speak without fear
  3.   Manage the elements of body             language
  4.   Handle impromptu speeches
  5.   Present with visual aids and props
  6.   Present their Power Point